WordPress Updates

We perform daily updates to keep you WordPress core, plugins and themes always up to date.

Daily backups

Daily offsite backups keep your website stored safely and securely in the cloud.


We perform regular security scans to ensure your data is safe and secure.


We ensure your site is optimised and running quickly.

WordPress Support

We are WordPress experts. If you have and questions about your website, or a site you are creating, just ask us.


Broken something on your website, or you needing something done, we can help.

From our Blog

The importance of backing up

Think of backups of your website as an insurance policy. What would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning and your website was gone?

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Welcome to WP Guard

WP Guard is a WordPress management service. We keep your website site safe, running smoothly and we keep your WordPress core, theme and plugins up to date. If there is a task you would like done on your website, we can help you to. We also religiously backup your site as well.

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